Title: Latest Top Five Reasons Your List Isn’t Converting

Hi Friend,

If your list isn’t converting into sales, take a
peek at the latest reasons for this season.

Competition is fierce and what once was selling
like hotcakes now isn’t worth giving away!

So let’s begin the countdown…

#5 Outdated squeeze pages.

Outdated and amateur squeeze pages have now fallen victim
to the same disease that caused BANNER BLINDNESS!

If you don’t have a professional squeeze page that shows
people in an instant that, in fact, you know what you’re
talking about and that your knowledge has made you
successful then you’re sunk!

#4 Poor Quality Products!

If the “give away” products that don’t literally knock the socks
off of your list then it’s…
“HIGH-HO- HIGH-HO-off to the spam box you’ll go!

You MUST have timely and relevant topics, with up-to-date
informative content! Must haves are, awesome graphics,
no spelling or grammatical errors and something worth
paying for that you can’t find anywhere else.

#3 Time AND Place!

If your offer isn’t SEO and CUSTOMER-OPTIMISED
then you run the risk of wasting time and effort,
driving traffic to a page that people look at, and wonder,

Offers that convert will answer the questions,
or FULFILL THE NEEDS of your visitor
BECAUSE keyword research, and psychology
have been built-in, to entice visitors to visit the squeeze

And the squeeze page will provide the “AH HA! Moment” that
MAKES visitors want to subscribe!

#2 Lack Luster Follow Through!

If you can get a kid to eat a bowl of peas
after he’s had a cheese burger and bowl of Ice-cream
then don’t worry about it.

But for everyone else who has had trouble selling
something that wasn’t drastically better than what they
where giving away…

You’ll understand how important it is to match stellar
opt-in content with even more stellar products!

Otherwise, plan on spending tomorrow processing
returns 🙁

#1 The Number One reason for floppy opt-ins and
dead, dismal follow up sales and the solution to #5 thru #1
and even more… can be found at the following link!


To your success,


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